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Nustadia Media is a full-service marketing & promotional company that specializes in arena advertising opportunities throughout throughout Canada. Combined, we have been assisting our clients and partners in reaching their individual and corporate goals for over 15 years.

Nustadia Media presently have the exclusive rights or a partnership in place to over 70 sheets of ice throughout Canada and reaches a potential target market of over 10,000,000 (million) consumers annual.

Nustadia Media possesses the skills necessary to develop, create and implement strategic marketing initiatives with proven financial returns on advertising investments. Our goal is to deliver profitable growth opportunities through various arena marketing mediums.  Service for Arena Advertising, Sports Advertising,  and Facility Recreation advertising.

As the foundation of our strategic thinking, we use a process that reveals the key elements of the brand by isolating its attributes and its functional and emotional benefits to key demographics. These potential consumers, who live in the area, who have significant disposable income and who are living an active lifestyle are coming in direct contact with your products and services. Nustadia Media will provide a framework from which the positioning or unique selling proposition is distilled into a Singular Brand Essence. It is through this process that the development of the strategy and creativity is derived.

Selecting an advertising or marketing partner can be a challenging process, Nustadia Media has the experience and expertise to assist you and your company in establishing an advertising and promotional package that best fits your goals and budget.